Worthy Hearers

Worthy Hearers

Have you ever listened to a speaker and not gotten anything out of what they had to say? Surly it was their fault for not speaking well enough. Or maybe the topic didn’t connect with you. Or maybe something is defective in the listener. Tozer reflects on the listener’s responsibility to be worthy hearers.

If we would be truly instructed we must be worthy to hear; or more accurately, we must hear in a worthy manner. In listening to a sermon, reading a good book or even reading the Bible itself, much may be lost to us because we are not worthy to hear the truth. That is, we have not met the moral terms required to hear the truth rightly. “We Must Hear Worthily”, The Root of Righteousness

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Five ways to be Christian in the Business World


I sit at a weird juncture between two seemingly opposite majors: Bible and Business. You would think that because of these two I would be an expert at business ethics. I should be an expert in integration knowledge, which must be in the realm of ethics. Where else could two cross?

Yet somehow, I’ve managed to finish my degree without taking an ethics specific course, neither in the core curriculum nor in an integration seminar. But I wouldn’t say that I’m deprived of ethics. They’ve been woven in throughout all my business classes (especially promotions). I’ve studied and discussed the issues of how advertising agencies should charge their clients (which is more difficult than you would think).

But is ethics the only area of true integration? It’s easy to say the Bible speaks against lying (think about false images in advertising or skewing numbers), greed, and how being rich makes it more difficult for someone to enter the kingdom of heaven (can anyone get in?). And while these are all true applications, they’re limited to ethics. We can read Aristotle and get the same results. Continue reading

Deliver Us From Our Biebers

Deliver Us From Our Biebers

bieber copy

Justin Bieber was arrested this past weekend for a DUI and resisting arrest. The pop star has been going over the edge the past few years, and I fear that this isn’t the bottom. What is surprising is the fans reaction. Even though Bieber was clearly guilty, they argued tweeted for his innocence. Here’s a few tweets, thanks to E!:

He’s just drunk I mean why having him in handcuffs this is so stupid it’s only because this is “Justin Bieber” and they want him to fall


Justin was arrested?? He didn’t do anything….

What frightens me is how these fans idolize Bieber. There is no question that he was under the influence, he even confessed it, but his fans are completely denying his guilt. I can see a person trying to get out of trouble when they’re caught. That’s just human nature trying to preserve itself. But when others are willing to bend the laws for someone who is clearly in the wrong, something is dangerously wrong.

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Glutton Free


The Vice

Gluttony. Not a word we use much anymore. We’ve replaced it with softer words, like ‘combo meal’, ‘super size’, ‘large’. We view obesity as a health epidemic, which it is, but completely remove the concept of vice from every arising. That is not to say obesity is gluttony. Not everyone who is obese is a glutton and not all gluttons are obese. I would have a hard time accusing someone who’s overweight of being a glutton, since there are several other factors to obesity. And just as obesity is bigger than gluttony, so is gluttony far more than over eating, it’s over indulging. Drinking to drunkenness, drugs, and all sorts of things we indulge in to excess are wrapped up in gluttony. Continue reading

A Dinner Party with Jesus


“Jesus doesn’t want to eat with you”

I was sitting in the front row of Missions Conference one year when a speaker said something a little different. He said Jesus didn’t want to eat  with the people in the front, but with the ‘sinners in the balcony’. As a young student who loved Jesus, I was frustrated. I wrote down in my notes from that session:

He thinks that Jesus would sit in the balcony, not with the people in the front who are being the Marys. This guy makes me feel unloved by Christ. He’s saying that Jesus isn’t in the church, he’s in the bar. That’s limiting the power of Christ. It’s not that he’s not saying anything good and true, but he is bashing people who are fired up for Jesus. The issue I have with him is that he’s saying that Jesus loves some people more than others.

I thought Jesus loved me less because I sat in the front. Maybe I should sin more for Jesus to love me more? Why should I want to know Jesus if he only cares about those who don’t pursue him? Jesus does some strange things with strange people, but surly this wasn’t one of those, was it?

The question of Jesus’ table fellowship has always been on my mind. Who would Jesus have a dinner party with? I thought maybe Scripture might give a clear answer, so I began looking at who Jesus interacted with, trying to find some sort of criteria. Continue reading

A Gendered Humanity


The War

There is a war in America. No, an enemy has not landed on our shores. No, there isn’t another civil war. No, something is happening in culture. I’m not talking about the “culture war” between Christians and secularists. No, it’s something that is in every American’s daily life, regardless of creed, age, or race. It’s the gender war. Likely, it should be called a gender discussion (I don’t think hostility is the way to ‘win’, if ‘winning’ is even something to obtain). And maybe ‘gender’ should be ‘human’, since we all are, in fact, human. Whatever you want to call it, there’s a discussion/debate/trending topic/war concerning gender/humanism.

I recently read two articles, one by a ‘humanist’ another by a leading ‘feminist’. One says there is no war against ‘masculinity’ proper while the other said there certainly is. They both agree that mistreatment is going on and there is a severe problem with our culture today regarding both genders. We, as Americans, have made great strives, with the continuing increase of female CEOs (while that number is still insignificant in Fortune 500 companies). However, these two articles point to the fact that something is under attack.

Masculinity is under attack.

So is femininity.

And, most significantly, humanity.

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