Five ways to be Christian in the Business World


I sit at a weird juncture between two seemingly opposite majors: Bible and Business. You would think that because of these two I would be an expert at business ethics. I should be an expert in integration knowledge, which must be in the realm of ethics. Where else could two cross?

Yet somehow, I’ve managed to finish my degree without taking an ethics specific course, neither in the core curriculum nor in an integration seminar. But I wouldn’t say that I’m deprived of ethics. They’ve been woven in throughout all my business classes (especially promotions). I’ve studied and discussed the issues of how advertising agencies should charge their clients (which is more difficult than you would think).

But is ethics the only area of true integration? It’s easy to say the Bible speaks against lying (think about false images in advertising or skewing numbers), greed, and how being rich makes it more difficult for someone to enter the kingdom of heaven (can anyone get in?). And while these are all true applications, they’re limited to ethics. We can read Aristotle and get the same results. Continue reading

Duck Dynasty: The Business Side

UPDATE 12/27: A&E will be bringing back Robertson next season, according to MSN. It’s unlikely that Duck Dynasty will be going away anytime soon.

Being in Christian circles, the buzz around Duck Dynasty that I read was mostly about how Phil Robertson came across and how people have been reacting. I’ve heard everything from him using his constitutional rights to him being an ignorant bigot who isn’t a Christian. While that talk is important, I want to talk about something else: the business side of the event.

Duck Dynasty has become one of the biggest cable shows, breaking numerous records in views. That’s just a cold fact. According to the Huffington Post, the series premiered with 1.8 million viewers. This fall, Duck Dynasty premiered its fourth season, with a record setting 11.8 million viewers (that’s more than the series finale of Breaking Bad at 10.3 million, according to Mashable). There’s no question that the show has been a success.

TV-Duck DynastyHowever, all those numbers come from BEFORE Robertson’s interview with GQ. Continue reading