Deliver Us From Our Biebers

Deliver Us From Our Biebers

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Justin Bieber was arrested this past weekend for a DUI and resisting arrest. The pop star has been going over the edge the past few years, and I fear that this isn’t the bottom. What is surprising is the fans reaction. Even though Bieber was clearly guilty, they argued tweeted for his innocence. Here’s a few tweets, thanks to E!:

He’s just drunk I mean why having him in handcuffs this is so stupid it’s only because this is “Justin Bieber” and they want him to fall


Justin was arrested?? He didn’t do anything….

What frightens me is how these fans idolize Bieber. There is no question that he was under the influence, he even confessed it, but his fans are completely denying his guilt. I can see a person trying to get out of trouble when they’re caught. That’s just human nature trying to preserve itself. But when others are willing to bend the laws for someone who is clearly in the wrong, something is dangerously wrong.

Bieber has become a god.

His fans have elevated him beyond the level of normal human being to that of a deity. They believe that all people should bend around his will. He deserves this because he is ‘so good’.

Perhaps they elevate him to this position because they need to believe in someone who is above, that his ‘goodness’ transcends the common law. This is idolization at its finest. After all, don’t his fans literally have shrines to him?

What Justin did was wrong, there is no question in a rational person’s mind. But does that mean that we should hate him? Should we cast him down completely, denying all possible ‘goodness’ that could come from him?

Biblical “Biebers”

The Bible is full of “Biebers”, people who’s goodness seems to allow them to escape punishment. Abraham, Moses, Rebecca, and David, just to name a few. We could look at these individuals as being above the common law. We want to be prosperous like Abraham, servants like Moses, women like Rachel, or ‘Men after God’s own Heart’ like David. All these are good things and we can easily forgive their faults. After all, they are human, right?

Each of these heroes has a grievous sin. Abraham lied about Sarah being his wife. Moses struck the rock when God told him to hit it. Rachel took her household idols with her. David committed adultery with Bathsheba. None of these stories surprise us. We can easily say that they weren’t perfect, but that they were good enough to be forgiven, or that God’s grace is enough to remove guilt.

However, that isn’t the full story. C S Lewis notes that it would be unjust to let the evil doer do unpunished.

In a sense, it is better for the creature itself, even if it never becomes good, that it should know itself a failure, a mistake. Even mercy can hardly wish to such a man his eternal, contented continuance in such ghastly illusion

-p 123, Problem of Pain

All these Biblical Biebers suffer. Abraham got in trouble with Abimelech. Moses wasn’t able to enter the Promised Land. Rachel’s womb was closed. David’s child died. All these people were punished for their sins, their DUIs. Punishment doesn’t stop in the Old Testament. God still punishes the sins of the Christians, such as Ananias and Sapphira in Acts.

While these people sinned, we are meant to focus on the good that God has done through them. God blesses Abraham, making him prosper and become a nation. God blesses Moses by taking him up and letting him see the true promise of the Messiah at the Transfiguration. God blesses Rachel by opening her womb, giving birth to Joseph and Benjamin. God blesses David by giving him another son who would become king, leading to the true King. They are not ‘Biblical Biebers’ but Biblical Believers. They are men and women who we should look up to and learn from.

We should be focusing on the good that God does through people, especially those people who go through redemption. People like Dave of Dave’s Killer Bread who went to prison but is now making something of himself. Justin has made a mistake, and we shouldn’t gloss over it. Hopefully, he can learn his lesson and mature from it. Unfortunately, that isn’t the Hollywood pattern.

So instead I pray, “God save us from our Biebers.”

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