Un9ted Devotional: The Jealousy of God by Jordan

In my senior year, one of our English projects was to write a sermonette. These sermons, about 2-3 pages, were spoken in class then collected into a devotional book. As getting ideas for blogging constantly is difficult, I decided to go through this devotional and write a post about some of the ideas that come up in each of them, with some of my input added.

Jordan wrestles with the idea of a jealous God. Our jealousy is sinful and evil. It leads to death and destruction, and no good can come out of it. The dictionary defines it as, “envious: feeling bitter and unhappy because of another’s advantages, possessions, or luck”. Jordan says that it is a sin. So can God do it because he is God and it isn’t a sin for him to do it? No, but rather Jordan shows what kind of jealously God has. It is not a jealousy of someone or thing, but a jealousy for something. A husband is jealous for his wife’s love as a representation of God’s jealousy for us. He is not jealous of us, nor could he ever be for we have nothing that he lacks for he lacks nothing. Rather, he is jealous for our affection, worship, and praise, the things that are already due to him and are his. It is this jealousy that is good and righteous and protects us from being let go by God into the chaos and destruction of being outside of him. This is the jealousy of the Lord. Simple, but so complex. Strange, but beautifully wonderful and natural.

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