Un9ted Devotional: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back by Katie

In my senior year, one of our English projects was to write a sermonette. These sermons, about 2-3 pages, were spoken in class then collected into a devotional book. As getting ideas for blogging constantly is difficult, I decided to go through this devotional and write a post about some of the ideas that come up in each of them, with some of my input added.

Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs in the kingdom of heave.- Matthew 5:3

Katie confesses that when she read this verse she didn’t feel anything revealed to her, as all of us Christians in America feel. We aren’t poor so how can this belong to us?  But we “need to remember to take some backwards steps in order to keep moving forward.” We need to understand the lessons that are being taught to us. Katie realized that she viewed each Christian virtue as something to master and move on, rather than stepping back and repenting and working on the ones that have gone dull.

As she contemplates “blessed are the poor in spirit” a picture comes to her mind. “A mud-brown street packed with clay homes.Clothesline strung from house to house hung with dirty cotton shirts. Naked children and mangy dogs running through the street.” So why does God mention poverty as a part of gaining the kingdom of heaven? Well, poverty of spirit is similar to poverty in finances. These people know they have needs that cannot be left unfulfilled, and they will humiliate themselves to gain what they need, laying down pride and asking for help. Being poor in spirit means the same thing. We know we have the need of a savior and we will do whatever we need to get him (Jesus) even if it means humiliating ourselves.

Katie says, “All of us (rich and penniless alike) must bend our knees to God and say ‘I am lost, unfilled, unsatisfied, and in desperate need of you.’ This is not a once in a lifetime prayer to the Savior. It must be said often, and too often we forget this. God should be that which we desire.” This prayer is opened for anyone to pray, in any circumstance, rich or poor, because in reality we’re all really poor in Spirit, we just don’t know it.

PS Did anyone notice that the verse was about “The Kingdom of Heaven”? I guess I’ll have to write a post soon (though I’ll be gone this weekend, so not for awhile).

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