Un9ted Devotional: Live in Love by Liz

In my senior year, one of our English projects was to write a sermonette. These sermons, about 2-3 pages, were spoken in class then collected into a devotional book. As getting ideas for blogging constantly is difficult, I decided to go through this devotional and write a post about some of the ideas that come up in each of them, with some of my input added.

Liz starts out by talking about her favorite sweatshirt when she was younger. It had the phrase “live in love” written on it. She wore that sweatshirt around for years until it no longer matched her style, but she always kept it. But now as she looks in her closet and reads that phrase, she wonders what it truly means. We are all guilty of not loving everybody all the time, yes, but isn’t it too hard? Liz quotes Francis de Sales who said, “We learn to love by loving.” That includes those difficult people, you know, the ones you want to punch in the face every time you see them. We are to love one another because it is a command from God, a command we follow out of love. Liz quotes Augustine (my personal favorite) who wrote, “Wicked men obey from fear; good men, from love.” We as Christians have a special gift of love that no one else shares, the love of Christ in us.
However, even as Christians who are the beloved, we often are less loving than others. Liz points out that we are often the most judgmental, the quickest to reject, and we come across arrogant and unaccepting. We are losing in a battle to love, but we must realize that “sometimes our best vehicle for love is to just be a friend, do a random act of kindness, and plant a seed.” Yet, as Liz points out, this love is not by our own power, but from God. We are to pray for God to help us love.
Liz continues on and talks about how we in our culture are so focussed on self that we are not focussed on God’s command. Not that it is bad to care for oneself, but not above others.
All of the writings in this devotional are put together very well. Liz hits it on the spot. We are to live in love. Each of our acts are to be made out of love. Love for God, love for one another, just love. Augustine wrote about how love is truly towards God who calls us to love others. In our love for him we obey his commands and love one another, and one of the best way we can do that is to love God. It is an endless circle of love that we are to live in. We are to live in love, every day and in every way. So just do it, Live in Love.

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