What is this “Law”?- Pslam 119

For my first sophomore spring Torrey read I get to read a few selections of Psalms. The first group is called “Torah”. At first I didn’t get it. It had Psalm 1, 19, and 119. The first two didn’t seem to connect, until I read the third. Psalm 119 is about this law that is more than a set of rules. The writer uses different terms like “precepts”, “rules”, “word”, and “promise”. The psalmist is emotionally attached to this law and it brings him comfort. Even in calamity, the law is the hope of salvation. It is interesting how often we associate the Psalms with emotions and the Law with boredom (at least I do). However, the psalmist has an emotional reaction to the goodness of the Law. It is was provides for him, gives him hope. The Law is not a mere set of commands that are dead, but it is a living and active gift from God that the psalmist finds refuge in, because the one who gives the Law gives it authority. The law is true, including its promises. Even though we today don’t live under the old law in the same way the Psalmist did, we do have the promises of God and His commandments that we can find joy and comfort in. We can believe in his promise to provide for us and that following him is righteous. We can believe that He is good and has good things laid out for us.

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